New Roland Micro-Cube – $149

We love the Roland Micro-Cube.  At $149 new, it’s a great deal. On board effects and amp modeling. 1/8″ line in for rocking your  tunes and headphones out to not disturb the neighbors. Comes new in box with manual and warranty. Great.

Ampeg VT-40 -$700

Beatiful Ampeg VT-40 restored for your pleasure. Single owner. Played in a northern California late-70s rock band and sat for decades… Recently serviced and working like an ox. This amp smokes like a fine cigar. Amazing.

Soldano Avenger 50

The Avenger 50 Soldano all tube head with matching 2 X 12 cabinet pulls no punches. Designed and built in Seattle. Soldano  hand-wired amplifiers have become world-renowned for a reason. It’s like driving a high performance car. Dark blue custom tolex. Insane.