70s Fender Bassman Ten – $499

Silverface Fender Bassman Ten. This amp is for the player looking for that nice Fender clean sound without losing his or her shirt. It’s a 4X10 tube combo with 50 watts of 6L6 power. It’s a bit rough cosmetically however it sounds great. It’s been freshly serviced and is good to go.

72 Rickenbacker 212 tube combo – $1100

Very rare Rickenbacker tube amp from 1972. Similar to a Twin Reverb in many ways. It has two channels with hi and lo inputs. One channel has spring reverb, tremolo and EQ.¬† 6L6 power. It’s been recently serviced and we replaced the power tubes. Come down and check it out.

Electro Harmonix MIG 50 – $599 NEW!

Holy crap! Electro Harmonix just re-released the Sovtek MIG 50! Hand-wired in NY city. Nice clean tones with massive low-end like a 59 Bassman, and raunchy overdriven goodness! 2 channels with separate volume controls. 2  5881 power tubes & 3 12AX7 preamp tubes; all Tung-Sol. 4, 8, or 16 ohm speaker outputs. 50 watts. Come

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Soldano Astroverb 16 – $1400

The Soldano Astroverb 16 hosts 2 12″ Eminence speakers vertically in this stellar hand-wired tube combo in silver tolex. It’s a beaut to behold and a joy to play. If you want way-out-there spring reverb… you’ll have plenty with this. Two EL-84s running 20 watts. Astronomical.