76 Maestro Fuzz – $225

This Maestro MFZ Fuzz pedal is from the Norlin/Gibson era in the mid-70s. Designed by Bob Moog it uses an op-amp circuit instead of germanium or silicon transistors. It seems to keep your low-end response of your guitar and therefore could be great for bass players too. Killer. SOLD!

Late 70s Crybaby Wah – $125

Late 70s Crybaby wah pedal. Vintage fun. Sounds amazing. Thomas Organ Co. build. California – late 70s VOX.  It sounds amazing. Smooth and buttery. Cosmetically rough. Chips and dings. Replaced feet, etc. Tested and working well. Price reflected.  

Late 70s MXR Distortion+ – $125

The late 70s was a good time for MXR pedals.The distortion + has that sound. Same with the envelope filter. That dirty, angry,  70 rock & roll sound. And their Envelope Filter is a warm analog dynamic filter with all that tone of the time. Both work well with guitar, bass or keys. P.S. We’re

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83 Ibanez Multi-Effects UE 303 B – $200

The UE 303 B is an early 80s Ibanez Multi-Effects pedal with auto-filter, stereo chorus/flanger, and a compressor/limiter. And a master bypass switch controls the whole unit. It offers an effect send and return as well. This thing is pretty bad-ass and needs someone to rock it. Rare.

EHX Cathedral Stereo Reverb – $229

Electro Harmonics wins with this amazing digital reverb. From classic verb to full-on, art-rock, shoe-gaze, noise brilliance. It’s settings have plenty to work with in true EHX fashion. Dial in a nice room sound. I love the plate sounds. Get two of your favorite tube amps in stereo with this thing… look out! Classic Surf

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