70s Fender Bassman Ten – $499

Silverface Fender Bassman Ten. This amp is for the player looking for that nice Fender clean sound without losing his or her shirt. It’s a 4X10 tube combo with 50 watts of 6L6 power. It’s a bit rough cosmetically however it sounds great. It’s been freshly serviced and is good to go.

76 Maestro Fuzz – $225

This Maestro MFZ Fuzz pedal is from the Norlin/Gibson era in the mid-70s. Designed by Bob Moog it uses an op-amp circuit instead of germanium or silicon transistors. It seems to keep your low-end response of your guitar and therefore could be great for bass players too. Killer. SOLD!

Roland FP-30 digital piano – $699

Brand new Roland FP-30. Full sized, 88 weighted key digital piano hosts a lot of modern features within a sleek, portable design. This is the best digital piano on the market for students and performers alike. The piano has built-in speakers with an 11 Watt amp and sounds great. USB and bluetooth connectivity.

Yamaha DX7 – $400

Yamaha released the DX7 in 83 and it became one of the biggest selling digital keyboards of all time. It used a new kind of synthesis called Frequency Modulation (FM). Although tweeking the presets can be a bit tricky with the membrane buttons, a slider and the small LCD screen, players were able to make

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Clavia Nord Lead 2X – $1000

There’s a reason why you always see Clavia Nord keyboards on stages. They sound amazing and are very user friendly. Late 90s virtual analog technology make the sounds classic yet modern. 49 note velocity+aftertouch sensitive keyboard. LFO, arpeggiator, and filters with lots of hands on, real-time tweekability.