Yamaha Fretless – $250

This is a great modified Yamaha 4 string fretless bass with upgraded Bartolini precision pick-ups. Great sound and playability. Rosewood fretboard. Good entry-level price for someone looking to start playing fretless.

Gretsch Electromatic – $475

Early 2000s Gretsch Electromatic. Great player and good-looker! Very clean. Nice example of an import with a great build for the price. Get that classic Gretsch hollow-bodied electric sound on a budget. Comes stock with a Bigsby, clear pick-gaurd, and Gretsch soft-case. SOLD!

54 Gretsch Synchromatic – $1850

This Gretsch Synchromatic could tell some stories. Made in 1954, these are archtop acoustic guitars. The electronics were added along the way. It was in rough shape when it can to us. We gave it a neck re-set, fretwork and minor binding repair. It probably hasn’t played this well in decades. The bridge, the knobs

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74 Fender Telecaster – $3000

1974 Fender Telecaster with original tweed hardcase. Oh my God! This one stops my heart. All original except a replaced 3-way switch! No repairs, no dings. Original frets with minimal wear. It has some moments of worn finish on the neck near the headstock but it’s almost too clean for it’s age. Someone needs to

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